Whole Axis Deer Quarter: 100% Wild


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For too long, the only way to enjoy a flip flop cook was to either go and hunt a deer/elk/sheep etc yourself, or to have a friend who did. 

And what a friend indeed to give away an entire quarter…

Even the most die-hard hunters could still only manage one or two flip flops per year due to the nature of the cook taking such a large portion of the animal.

Sure, you could use some farm raised… but it’s just not the same.

However, you can now get 100% wild venison whenever you want from the leader in sustainable, wild meat.

These axis deer quarters are shipped direct from Maui Nui venison in Hawaii and are only available HERE. USDA certified, with the utmost care and attention given to the harvest process, butchering, and transport to ensure maximum safety and minimal stress on the wild herds.

Each leg quarter will ship to your door via 2 day shipping, so you can rest assured your meat will be in perfect condition for your next flip flop cook.

Not to mention, I’ve only ever met two kinds of people in this world… those who think Axis deer is the best tasting, most flavorful wild game meat available, and those who have never tried it.

Grab a quarter for yourself today and see why everyone LOVES axis venison for their flip flops!

Product Details:

  • Packed with 36 g of protein per 6 oz. serving
  • Approx. 15lb total weight
  • Delivered frozen so it stays fresh
  • Packaged with care in sustainable materials
  • Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • More complete and complex nutrients than farmed venison
  • Better taste and naturally tender texture


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