The Only True 100%Wild Venison Available

Why Maui Nui Venison?

What You Need To Know

Maui Nui venison is wild instead of farmed

  • Deer are truly wild until the moment of harvest
  • Alleviates impact on the environment
  • Mindfully sourced using innovative, stress-free methods
  • The only wild red meat that’s USDA certified
  • Free from prion disease/CWD

It’s the most nutrient-dense red meat on the planet

  • Packed with 36 g of protein per 6 oz. serving
  • Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • More complete and complex nutrients than farmed venison
  • Better taste and naturally tender texture

It’s delivered frozen so it stays fresh

  • Always have nutrient-dense, wildly delicious protein available
  • Packaged with care in sustainable materials

Easy to cook, easier to love

  • Beginner and family friendly
  • Award-winning flavor: Named Best Tasting Venison and Wild Game Meat by Exotic Wildlife Association


A Balanced Approach To Protein


Maui Nui has always had balance at the core of their business, not profit…


“To Help balance Axis deer populations for the good of our environment, communities, and food systems.”


Cultural Balance


From time immemorial, Hawaiʻiʻs people have lived, worked, and thrived in balance with nature. As people of islands with such finite resources, this lifeway was as much a deep cultural practice as it was an absolute necessity. From strict land stewardship practices, to elaborate agricultural and field systems, innovation was built into every facet of our food systems. Innovation, as a cultural value, is helping us to get back in balance with nature.


Ecological Balance


The impact of being out of balance with nature might be hard to notice on a global scale, but in Hawaiʻi, it can be felt almost immediately. Balance is critical to Hawaiian ecology, and we must answer the call to do our part.


Community Balance


Maui Nui is committed to ensuring that the value of their mission extends throughout their paeʻāina, throughout their communities. Learn more about our Kamaʻāina and Holo ʻai programs and how weʻre building more resilient food systems together.

A Flip Flop Guy Exclusive

Not everyone can get their hands on as many rear quarters as they want throughout the year. 


Sometimes… it’s not even practical, like on many “steep and deep” backcountry style hunts. 

That’s why I’ve partnered with Maui Nui to bring you this exclusive 100% wild game Flip Flop Package. 

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