Since 1964

Since 1964

A Cut Above the Rest

 This epic wild game marinade was crafted by Andy’s grandfather, Al Giddings or as he was affectionately called, Big Al. It was passed down to Andy’s father and then to Andy on his 25th birthday.

Big Al was a WWII Navy veteran, a California Fish and Game warden, and a newspaper columnist. He was known around West Marin and Sonoma Counties in the hunting and ranching communities for sharing his love and passion for hunting, fishing, and cooking flipflops.

He was friendly, fair, and believed the best way to reach others was by being a good example. He is a legend.

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Developed to elevate the natural flavors of your meat, even for the most hard-core hunters and fishermen. With the FlipFlop Sauce, anyone can serve up a tender, extreamly flavored catch with the secret of this wild game marinade!

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